Glass splashbacks are one of the most economical, fashionable and practical ways of giving your kitchen a facelift. At AJ Glass Splashbacks, we specialise in supplying and fitting splashbacks in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas. Our splashbacks are of the highest quality and priced competitively. By contacting us, you can improve the aesthetic look of your kitchen.

Install Our Splashbacks To Protect The Walls Of Your Kitchen

Splashbacks serve a dual purpose, they provide a barrier against bacteria and germs caused bygrease and food and also protect the surface of your wall from the damages of excessive moisture. In comparison to other surfaces, our glass splashbacks are very easy to clean. Since our splashbacks are constructed in a single continuous sheet, they do not have grout lines. The absence of grout ensures that mould and bacteria do not have any place to hide and breed.

Our Splashbacks Are Available In A Myriad Of Colours

In addition to the practical elements of our splashbacks, they also stand out because of the way they look. We, at AJ Glass Splashbacks, offer glass splashbacks in a vast array of colours. Glass adds natural reflection and light refraction qualities to your kitchen andso will  make it look more spacious and bright.

Glass Splashbacks Ideal For Any Kitchen

Glass splashbacks area popular addition to any home renovation project, because they are robust and can last for several years.Our qualified staffare happy to help you make the right choice of splashback for your kitchen.

For some truly inspiring splashback ideas, take a look at our gallery. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.